Vitality! Europan 16 - Living Cities

Sustainable Redevelopment of an Industrial Port



emergent_lab and studioträda were invited to develop our vision of a „Living Theater“ at the abandoned train platform Spårharpan in Västerås. The area next to the new station and the future district of Mälarporten played host for several workshops and other events in the summer of 2023 curated by the two groups, Västeras Stad, and other organizations.

These interventions are the first step towards non-destructive constructions that prioritize care for all living beings on site. Our proposed strategies prioritize caring for water ecology, flora and fauna, and building a strong social foundation.

Brief of the Europan Competition

With a special emphasis on the purification of the water and the ecology of the site, the first series of interventions will take place on Lake Mälaren before weaving further into the fabric of the future development site. This multi-layered approach will help build an inclusive and diverse community ready for the challenges of tomorrow by enabling democratic citizen participation processes through a co-creation spiral in time. Thematic gatherings, events and workshops will take place in pavilions which are carefully placed around the site. The water pavilion will put an emphasis on aquatic ecosystems, the green pavilion on land and soil, while the social pavilion will focus on socio-cultural activities and democratic processes.

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